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APOM was founded in 1964 and over the past 50+ years has become a treasured resource for our 300+ current members and a trusted neighborhood partner thanks to our community outreach member assistance programs and charitable contributions. Membership in APOM is open to all parents, grandparents, expectant parents, and legal guardians of multiples in the Austin, Texas area. It’s easy to join online or in person at one of our monthly meetings.

Our dues are $45 annually. Our membership terms are 1 year (from date of joining) and are auto-renewed (and dues charged) each year.

Membership includes:

  • Invitations to all meetings, playdates, holiday parties, picnics, consignment sales, and parents night out.
  • Free dinner provided at our monthly meetings.
  • Access to our Facebook members-only discussion forum and online community.
  • Ability to easily buy and sell baby and kid items through our Facebook members-only BST page.
  • Early entry to & ability to sell items at our semi-annual Twice Loved consignment sale.
  • Ability to borrow from our Preemie Lending Closet.
  • Access to our support network
  • A chance to make life-long friends with others going through the amazing journey of raising multiples

Want more APOM? Check us out on Facebook.

Questions about APOM? Email us at info@austinpom.org.

Questions about Joining APOM? Email the VP of Membership at membership@austinpom.org.


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